Safe & Sound HomBoarding

Your faithful friend in safe hands!!

"This place is perfect for boarding if you do not want to use kennels. The dogs have a great relaxed place to stay with other dogs. Private secure garden and have all the comforts they would receive at home and more. Well worth every penny. My dog loves it so much, he never wants to come home"   Dawn.

"Our two newfs Phoebe & Digger have stayed with Lizzie and her dogs twice now while we were on hols. Both times I know they have been well looked after and have had a ball on their walks. Lizzie always sends some pics of them and an update on how they are doing while we are away which is great. She is a lovely person, and a pro at what she does. I know our pups are in safe hands. No hesitation recommending her". Annice

"Our English Springer Spaniel 'Jack' stayed with Lizzie and her family for a week at the end of August. We're so glad we found them and wouldn't dream of leaving Jack with anyone else. Jack stayed in their home with their two beautiful Labradors and enjoyed daily walks in the countryside nearby.  Lizzie was very thoughtful, sending us emails about Jacks adventures, which also included some great photo's.  This we all really looked forward to as Jack is a very special member of our family and it was good to know he was also having a great time.  This was the first time Jack has been away from us and we were a little worried.  There was certainly no need as since returning he has been his normal self.  We really appreciate the service you offer Lizzie, many thanks".  Jane & Andy

"My girl Tallulah loves going here...she always has such a great time."


"Jasper loved staying with Lizzie and her dogs. He was welcomed as part of the family, had a wonderful week whilst I was on holiday and returned a very happy dog! Our dogs are like our children, you wouldn't just leave them with anyone. Therefore, I couldn't recommend Lizzie more strongly as a perfect surrogate Mum for your dog."  Vanessa

"Thank you so much Lizzie, Teddy loves being with you while we on our holidays. He is now fast asleep (and probably will be for 3 days after all that fun!) dreaming of his new best friends". Emma

"Lizzie is one in a million, she is a lovely person and great with dogs. My Bertie loves going, as soon as I say 'you're going to Aunty Lizzie's' he knows and the tail never stops wagging. 
I couldn't recommend Lizzie enough. Lovely person and fantastic service! You and you're dog                            will not be disappointed." Charles

"A great place for home boarding.  Our miniature poodle has stayed a few times and he loves it so much he mopes when he comes home!! His last visit saw him having a 2 night stay at the vets as he became unwell, we were out of the country but had regular updates from Lizzie about him.  I was reassured to know that she had picked up early that he was not right and acted promptly to get him treatment. I would recommend highly and we will certainly be using again." Tamasin