Safe & Sound HomBoarding

Your faithful friend in safe hands!!

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes.  In order to comply with licensing regulations I have to ensure that your dog has their vaccination certificate up to date.  A copy of which is required for me to keep on the premises.  I do encourage the kennel cough vaccine although it is not a requirement. 

If you wish for your dog to be administered the kennel cough vaccine, then this should be done at least 14 days prior to your dogs stay.  Dogs presenting with kennel cough will unfortunately be turned away, so I do suggest that you take this into consideration to avoid disrupting your hard earned holiday period!

Will my dog be boarding with other dogs?

Your dog will be boarding with my own dogs, Boycie and Lulu.  I am licenced to board 4 dogs from different families, so your dog may be boarding with others.  I carefully select dogs to be placed together, by personality, age and size.  

If it is felt on familiarisation, that your dog would not be completely comfortable with the dogs in my care for the requested boarding period, I will inform you of this. My main objective being that all dogs' are guaranteed a fun filled, stress free holiday! 

Before I am able to confirm a booking, I ask that you and your dog attend a familiarisation session to meet myself and my own dogs. 

All visits are prearranged and generally no longer than 30 minutes. This is to ensure that all dogs are compatable and that your dog will be happy to stay with us.  I respectfully ask that you do not bring small children with you as the dogs can become excitable during visits.

My dog sleeps on my bed is that ok?

So do mine! The dogs have full access to my home and I allow them to settle where ever they are most comfortable to do so.  If you do not allow your dog access to the sofa or bed at home, I will respectfully adhere to that also.

Are all dogs suitable for home boarding?

Unfortunately no.  Your dog must be good natured and well socialised.  I can not accept dogs that are distruptive, destructive or aggressive.  I am also unable to board bitches that are in season or due to be in season during the boarding period. 

Is my dog left during the day for long periods?

I do not leave dogs alone at any point during their stay.  An appropriate carer will be called upon to care for the dogs' if I have an appointment to keep.  If an emergency situation were to arise and I had to rush a dog to the vets, I ask that all owners give permission for their dog to be left for a short period of time. Yet please be reassured that a carer will be on route to cover my absence. 

What do I have to bring with me?

You should bring enough food for the duration of your dogs stay, medication and anything that you think might help your dog settle more easily (favourite toy or blanket).  Their beds where possible, if not, don't worry as I have spare beds and bedding. I provide bowls, towels, poo bags and treats. All dog's wear a holiday ID tag with my contact details for the duration of their stay. 

What happens if my dog is ill whilst I am away?

Before the home boarding period you will be asked to fill in a registration form, requiring you to list any ailments, pre-existing medical conditions and any medications your dog requires. 

If I have any concerns regarding the health of your dog whilst you are away, I will contact you immediately,  If after making appropriate attempts  and keep you updated of the situation. If your veterinary practice is a great distance from Horncastle, then in an emergency situation I will take your dog to my own vets.  I do have facilities to isolate a dog who becomes unwell and to administer care until your return.

How much exercise will my dog get?

Exercise is catered for the individual dog,, a care plan will be discussed during your initial visit. 

For puppies up to 1 year of age, a 5 minute exercise rule is applied to every month of age.  Therefore a 5 month old puppy will receive two, 25 minutes walks per day.  It is also taken into consideration how much time a puppy has spent playing throughout the day and walks are adjusted accordingly. 

As a general rule, an adult, fit dog will have a minimum of 2 hours exercise per day.  Dogs are lead walked unless prior permission is given for them to be exercised off lead in a suitable environment (countryside walks). 

Please be aware that dogs returning home may be extremely tired. This is due to socialising in a pack environment, not due to being over exercised. 

On average, your dog will sleep up to 16 hours a day at home.  In a pack environment they don't want to miss out on anything.

Each afternoon, I ensure that all dogs settle down for an afternoon nap. Just as we did at school!

Rest being equally as important as socialising, play and exercise.

Can I get an update of how my dog is whilst I am on holiday?

I generally email or message updates and pictures of how your dog is enjoying their holiday, especially when it is their first time away from home. I know myself I would not be able to relax and enjoy myself without knowing Boycie and Lulu were ok.

My dog is elderly and needs special attention!

This is not a problem.  I am more than happy to administer medication, assist with feeding and exercise an older dog separately.  Boycie and Lulu being both 9 years of age, are used to young and old alike and very respectful of their seniors.

Are you Insured?

I have public and third liability insurance with Petplan Sanctuary. 

If I cancel my booking will I lose my deposit?

Unfortunately yes.  A 25% deposit is required at the time of booking. This is non refundable if you cancel for any reason, unless I am able to fill the placement that your dog would have taken.